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Thread: Baskets for Bezzera Handle

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    Baskets for Bezzera Handle

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Any one with experience here can confirm or sure what 58mm Baskets
    suit and fit a Bezzera BZ99

    Have the originals but getting channelling with the single.
    Well and truly believe Im in the ballpark for grind - as I can get repeatable
    variations of result in the cup by up and down in grind set / dose levels.

    So I believe that it is maybe to much pressure / heat setting that will require service / adjustment
    but want to experience different set ups with the other variables to get a good feel for this BZ99.

    Sweetness in the cup is magic but I'm having to tend towards to finer a grind to overcome the head flow
    overpowering the puck.

    So no diff filters wont necessarily address this issue but as I said interested in experience.

    So any experience with Bezzera's and different Porta Filters and fitment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EspressoAdventurer View Post
    So I believe that it is maybe to much pressure / heat setting that will require service / adjustment
    but want to experience different set ups with the other variables to get a good feel for this BZ99.
    do you know what brew pressure your machine is set to ?
    Bezzera seem to set their machine to 12 bar from the factory,....but that alone should not cause channeling.
    I also read that the bezzera group will not tolerate "up dosing" and that 14 gms in their double is the max.
    You are making life difficult by trying to use that single,..they are always tricky.

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    Since I rebuilt my BZ35 I put a fair bit of research into baskets. I went down the VST path and didn't have too much success with them, they aren't forgiving and definitely not consistent which made me very frustrated after 6 months of trial and error. I have since headed down to Talk Coffee and Chris offers the Precision Baskets from his website Talk Coffee — Precision filter basket 58mm- Espresso parts

    Chris pulled 4 or 5 shots for me out of this basket and they were far easier and better for me to use. I purchased the double and triple baskets, I use the double in my single portafilter and the triple in my double portafilter. I highly recommend purchasing these because when I was in the exact same situation you are 6 months ago I forked out nearly $100 to get 3 VST baskets and it was far too much money to lay down for little results, so my advice is pay under $30 to get 2 great quality baskets then from there you can make your own decisions.

    I doubt the pressure is too high because these machines come out of the factory set like that. The shower head hangs very low on our machines and if you have dosed your basket too high it will hit the screen and break up your puk. Best off getting these baskets they fit perfectly into the Bezzera portafilters and can be under dosed and/or over dosed more effectively to your liking because of there depth which will give you more variables to make the perfect cup. They seem to fit very tight into the handles compared to the VST baskets but it just means you'll have to try a tad harder to get them out to clean. Also make sure you have a decent tamper that gives you a good enough fit so you won't be getting channeling down the sides.

    I found early on that the single baskets aren't the best so I'd suggest to throw the towel in on that idea


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    LM single works but I find the grinds need some mixing after coming from the grinder to avoid channeling, and every other basket Ive tried fits too... LM double, precision double etc

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