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Thread: Brew pressure maintains 10bar after pulling a shot

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    Brew pressure maintains 10bar after pulling a shot

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    I've noticed that my ECM Technica is not releasing the brew pressure after a shot anymore. It is also not building pressure at startup unless I pull the lever.

    My precedure is:
    - Turn machine on
    - Place PF in machine to heat up
    - Wait 30-45 minutes
    - Come back to machine (Brew pressure is 0)
    - Prepare PF with ground coffee and release some water from the machine (Brew pressure rises and settles, now shows 1-1.5bar)
    - Pull my shot (Brew pressure reaches 11bar)
    - Finish pulling my shot and return lever to idle position (brew pressure is now 10bar)
    - Finish preparing my coffee (steaming milk and such)
    - Clean Machine, give lever a pull to clean showerscreen (when the lever hits MIDDLE position a sound of pressure release like a blow off valve on a turbo car is heard, pressure returns from 10bar to 1-1.5bar)

    Now normally starting the machine would cause the brew pressure to rise to betwen 1-2bar when the machine was ready and when I had finished pulling a shot the machine would release the pressure back to 1-2Bar. I've back flushed every fortnight. Machine does 2-4 coffees daily. The machine is 8 months old.

    Is there an easy fix I can do on my own or should I just take it back to the shop for some warranty work.

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    im not 100% sure how this machine works, seems to be a bit more involved than a normal machine, but brew pressure remaining and not purging properly sounds like a jammed 3-way valve (that is if this machine has one).
    they're reasonably easy to service but if it's under warranty, don't touch it. take it to a shop and get them to do it. if you work on the machine now and repair the problem but a more serious problem develops in the future which requires a technician, you might run into some problems.

    that probably wasnt that helpful but i also came here to say, why would you not want this :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huhness View Post
    a sound of pressure release like a blow off valve on a turbo car is heard

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    Sounds to me like theres nothing wrong at all. The gauge is behind the three way valve measuring the pressure inside the heat exchanger. When the pump is running during an extraction the system is pressurised by the pump, and the gauge will read the upper pressure limit which is the OPV set point - 11 bar. When you lower the lever, the pump stops as soon as the switch is disengaged, but at that point water can still escape out of the heat exchanger until you block the exit by fully lowering the lever.

    As such, the residual pressure inside the heat exchanger is immaterial, could be anything from 11 to 0 bar. It's a function of how the brew cycle ends.

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