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Thread: So I was going to ask about Boema...

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    So I was going to ask about Boema...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive seen a few boema single group machines going cheap, so was going to ask about them until I found this on their web site...
    [tt]The Turbo Nozzle


    Slows down the operation of frothing, giving the operator ample time to master making froth for the Cappuccino that can be made to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. [/tt]


    edit> I kept reading & it gets better...
    [tt]Should you boil the milk, do not throw it away. If you have a spare container place it back in the fridge until it has had a chance to cool. Add a little fresh milk and you will achieve enhanced results.[/tt]

    More inspirational milk frothing tips here :-?

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    Re: So I was going to ask about Boema...

    I wouldnt get too worried by this sort of nonsense- its not confined to Boema. My step daughter was taught similar things at a tafe coffee course. Regarding boemas- Ive used one on a coffeecart and found it the equal or superior to my Bezzera. The guy who owns the single group I used has a few 2 groups and swears by them. Good soilid machines. The turbo frother is not nice to use, but Ive been told that with care it is easy to use in coffeecarting situations ( long queues). The new Boema 4 hole tip is amazing- Ive got it on the Bezzera.

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