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"The ECM Botticelli II is one of those espresso machines that falls into "best of breed" in the vibration pump and bi-metal button thermostat control categories ...if you are serious, really serious about getting something just slightly better than the benchmark Rancilio Silvia, consider the ECM Botticelli II".

A beautiful and worthy addition to the ECM lineup. It has been described as a bigger, better Rancilio Silvia! Solidly encased in a polished 304 stainless steel frame, the Botticelli II T raises the bar on home machines with two commercial pressure filters included in the package and a brew head temperature gauge added to the front control panel. For the novice, the temperature gauge shows when the group is pre-heated and ready and the professional has an accurate tool for brew temperature surfing and finding the correct sweet spot.

The entire machine is encased in sturdy 304 polished stainless steel for a professional look that fits in any decor. The drip tray is easily removable and is also all stainless steel - a rare feature in many of todays machines. The drip tray has a substantial .5L capacity for serious coffee sessions or office use, and the output drain of the 3-way valve unobtrusively, and ingeniously, slots in to the back guide of the tray.

The large plastic water reservoir is visible from the front and features a substantial 1.7 L capacity. The engineers at ECM devised an equally brilliant idea for the problem of the intake water line, which by necessity must always draw water from the bottom of the reservoir. As anyone who has ever cursed trying to fit a water line back into a full water reservoir will know, this can be very annoying. On the Botticelli, one simply pulls up the "lifting knob" on top of the machine and the intake line is pulled out of the way for removal and repacement. Push back down and voila, the mission is accomplished.

The Botticelli II/T features a large single boiler system. The large .04-liter boiler (slightly larger than the Silvia) is heated by a 1050 watt element. The boiler is constructed of heavy copper, nickle-plated to reduce corrosion and scaling, and features all welded construction. Unlike the Silvia the boiler is directly attached vertically to the solid brass group assembly for quick heatup, and direct temperature transfer resulting in a very stable group temperature.

The group design is the same as the commercial machines by ECM including the commercial Raffaello and this in tern, is based on the legendary Faema groups. And if all this was not enough, the ECM designers installed an analogue group temperature gauge on the front panel. This probe for this gauge is inserted and welded in place directly above the coffee filter and reads the brew head temperature exactly at the most important point - where the water meets the espresso grounds in the portafilter handle! You are now able to easily monitor when the group head is preheated sufficiently, without guesswork, and without leaving the machine on for 1/2 an hour warmup, or without doing a pre-shot "hot water rinse".

However, if you are one of those types whose obsession runs to monitoring coffee brew temperature - this is your machine. Do a prerinse, surf the heating element cycle, and monitor your results - without drilling and digital probing your portafilter handle!

You would expect the Boticelli to come equipped with both a single and double handle and it does - the handles are identical to those used in the ECM Giotto and are standard commercial Faema design. They will last a lifetime and are constructed of heavy chromed brass.

The ECM Boticelli II/T is equipped with a commercial Parker 3-way valve for heavy duty use and releases any residual brew head pressure. This ensures a dry puck for a clean puck knockout after brewing.

Four chromed push-button switches are featured: on-off, coffee brew, hot water dispensing, and steaming cycle. On the left of the machine are four indicator lights which easily indicate the operation of the machine: power light, temperature ready light, water dispensing and espresso dispensing. There is a user resetable over-temperature safety thermostat, just under the top cup warming tray, in case the machine inadvertently overheats.

The steam knob and valve are operated from the right hand side and features both a comfortable hand knob and a long life teflon gasket seal for reliability. This steam valve has a great feel to itand makes it easy to control the power output of the surprisingly powerful steam output.

The actual steam wand has been given particular attention and features a commercially sized steam pipe ( 8 mm, same as the Giotto Classic) for powerful, robust steaming. says "the ECM Botticelli II outshines the Silvia and Gaggias in this regard...I know steam power when I see it and the ECM Botticelli II had it". The steam tip is removable if required for periodic cleaning.

As usual at Espressotec, we carry a complete Boticelli parts inventory for our customers so you need never fear being left high and dry years down the road, for want of a part!
# Boiler: 0.4 liter welded brass boiler . Nickleplate finish resists possible lead and scale buildup.
# Gauges: Brew head analog temperature gauge