Hi all,

After several years of faithful service, a problem.

Recently my Junior Plus has had a problem with the pump seeming to stall or stop part way though pouring a coffee. I should say at the start, I have made no change to the beans I use, the fineness of grind, the filter, or the basket.

What happens is that the coffee pour starts normally (usual rattly sound from the pump and coffee pours as expected), but then after a few seconds the pump goes to a hum, coffee stops delivering, and that's all I get.

If I wait a few minutes and try again, I get the same result.

So I tried a thorough clean using "Clean Machine" and a blind filter - same result - part way through the cycle I get a hum and nothing more.

The water reservoir is full.

So then I tried with no basket, just the group head, and same again.. water flows for some seconds with the pump operating normally, then nothing. Well maybe a trickle.

So this is something not connected with the coffee, the grind or the basket.

What has happened? Is the pump faulty, or is it the water supply to the pump? Where should I look?

I live in country Victoria and it is not easy to get the machine to a service place.. so if there any advice of something I can look for myself it would be helpful.

Thanks in advance