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Thread: ECM Maintenance in Sydney

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    ECM Maintenance in Sydney

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    Hi All,

    Been lurking around here for a while! So time to ask some questions. I have a giotto premium and love it, but its time for a check up and service. I emailed ECM to find out who and where to send my machine for service - no reply as yet, so I thought that I might ask the masses. I have done a quick search, but no answers immediately available....

    I live in Syd Inner West, can anybody recommend a good reliable and trustworthy technician?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: ECM Maintenance in Sydney

    Gday Nick and welcome.
    The ECM factory is at Brookvale which isnt too far away from you, depending on what time of the day you leave of course *;).
    Give them a bell on the 1300 number which is on the website, and theyll sort something out for you.
    Di-Bartoli (a site sponsor) also service ECM machines, and I believe that they have a home service option.
    Either way you wont go wrong and your baby will be looked after.
    All the best.

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    Re: ECM Maintenance in Sydney

    Thanks, got in contact with DiBartoli this morning, and I think I will give that a go.. Nice prompt friendly response, whereas Im still waiting for a response from ECM :-/

    Thanks for the reply!

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    Re: ECM Maintenance in Sydney

    Hi Nick,

    I hope you did receive the email from one of the boys at ECM, we had a slight issue with some web page inquires going to our spam filter :-/. I trust our good friends at Di Bartoli are looking after you, and we will provide them will any assistance if required.

    once again apologies for the misalignment of our worlds.

    All the best


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    Re: ECM Maintenance in Sydney

    Yep, thanks got an email yesterday, alls good in my coffee world :)

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