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Thread: Water inlet pressure for HX machine

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    Water inlet pressure for HX machine

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    My ECM T IV manual states it needs 0.5 to 1.5 bar water supply

    The meter reads 4 bar static (not running) and 2-3 bar while running only on tap pressure (with machine off, no pump assist). If I turn the tap partially off I can control the running pressure down to around as low as 1 bar but then the brewhead slows to a trickle (I guess with pump assist it wont be a trickle).

    Anyway it seems I'm doing extra steps that no one seems to be doing after a quick search - am I going too far or should I just let max pressure in? The water goes through a C150 Finest with the pressure regulator that comes with the PLV but that regulator has '350 kPa' engraved on it, whcih is 3.5bar which exceeds the manual spec. What do you guys do?

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    bump, any thoughts from you plumped in machine owners?

    do you notice on your manual a input water pressure spec being lower than the pressure shown on the meter while running?

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    350kPa = standard inlet pressure for pretty much any plumbed espresso machine.

    All sorts of typos occur in manual translations for Euro languages into English.

    Best bet is put the manual back in the carton, leave the tap alone and enjoy your machine.

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