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Thread: Help with Grimac Mia Ele

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    Cool Help with Grimac Mia Ele

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    i have purchased a second hand grimac Mia and love it. I don't have a manual, so I'm winging it with basic knowledge and Google etc.
    so far so good. I would love to speak with anyone who owns one has more expertise! And some tips!!!
    -Steam wand lost pressure the other day.... Googled, de scaled, and so far so good has repaired itself.
    i de scaled by removing hose filter and adding to water storage. Then flushed thru, paused few times and then kept flushing. Then flushed thru whole storage of fresh water. I made sure I flushed wand, group and hot water.....
    in melbourne is it necessary to replace water softener filter? If so where do I get one?
    as my machine is second hand I cannot assume anything so I would like to clean everything.
    it did not come with blind filter, how would I 'back flush?
    any tips or copy of Manual would be greatly appreciated
    thanks kindly

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    Grinders Coffee used to be the importers for Grimac. First, try them. If not, try CMS. Maybe Chris @ Talk Coffee might know too. Blind filters are cheap, most cafe's would have thousands they would give you - I know we have a bunch as we flip our machines every couple of years

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    Good get Georgee,

    No problems for bits and pieces- see our website.

    For filtration: Here are our thoughts...


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