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Thread: Which Small Machine for Coffee Catering?

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    Which Small Machine for Coffee Catering?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi people.
    Just wondering if the experts might be able to offer a bit of advice.
    I will start a 2-person coffee catering service and want a very small machine to make the cart relatively easy to shift. A 1-group might be sufficient.
    For reference, I thought maybe a Nuova Simonelli Musica as it's considered at the entry level for the professional market. But it only "able to serve about 60 cups a day" and I suppose I need a bit more.

    Probably asking way too much now, but a separate issue is that I'll need to get something shipped O/S as I actually live in Peru now. Just thought I'd throw that in.
    OK, cheers and thanks if you're able to give suggestions.

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    I don't have any advice as far as trying to advise you on a business venture, but do keep in mind that Peruvian electrical standard is 220v @ 60hz, so importing from Australia is probably out,Brazil or South Korea both have vibrant coffee culture and 60hz mains electricity, unfortunately they also both have massive tariffs on foreign made gear. Good luck

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    You can contact the following people:

    Daniel Chau from Gael Espresso

    Makario Castillo from .::KAFFE::.

    If you want to learn about coffee:

    his name is Angel Garcia Noriega,

    pm if you need more information, happy to help I will be in Peru from the 25 Aug to 11 Sept



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