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Thread: Bezerra 99s

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    Bezerra 99s

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Bezerra 99
    Any input /reviews on an 5 years old Bezerra ? What common problems if any I should expect?

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    Re: Bezerra 99s

    I have serviced one of these machines a number of times and have found they are really good, except for the steam arm o-rings, the ones that you buy are generally the black variety. I have found that they wear quite fast and that you should try and get some red viton o-rings to replace them.

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    Re: Bezerra 99s

    they are a great machine I had one for a number of years and never had any problems with it. Make sure you maintain the machine well, and get it serviced once per year, whether you think it needs it or not - and you will have a great machine that should last for a long time.

    Check first what sort of condition the machine you are interested is in.

    I presume you are purchasing it second hand. Ask when it was last serviced and perhaps get a professional to look at it before making any purchase decision though.

    My machine was about 5 yrs old when I sold it, and it was (and I believe still is) making great coffee!



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