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Thread: ECM Technika - brew lever sticky when hot

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    ECM Technika - brew lever sticky when hot

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    I have done a search through the forum but can’t find a thread that matches this particular issue.

    When the machine is cold I can operate my brew lever quite smoothly and I have recently lubricated the cam inside the head, so it seems okay.

    When the machine heats up, the lever is smooth to the halfway point, but when I try to start the brew (eg for the cooling flush) it sticks as though the cam has caught on the pin that actuates the brew valve. It can be quite stiff and feels like the cam is pushing sideways against the pin, not up. I am pretty sure it is not the electrical micro-switch actuated by the visible cam because I can see that is operating smoothly.

    Often the stiffness will go away if I operate it a couple of times.

    I checked the cam when I took the lever mechanism apart for lubrication and it looks like there might a couple of “bite marks” which I polished out with 2000 grit wet and dry.

    So it seems to me heat expansion might be the issue and that the brew valve pin is moving out of alignment. I am worried something will break or I am making the problem worse by applying pressure.

    I originally thought it was just the stiffness that often comes after a chemical flush, but I didn’t use the chemical cleaner for a long while and it still happened.

    Has anybody else had this with an ECM Technika and is there a solution?

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    I seem to have a similar issue straight after I clean/flush the brew group out with caffetto.

    It progressively seems to disappear after about 4-5 coffees later, to the point I havent noticed it again. I will check it again once I have done another flush in the next few weeks.

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