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Thread: Isomac Mondiale leaks

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    Isomac Mondiale leaks

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    Hi, I've had this Mondiale for nearly three years. I had a big overhaul done on it about 18 months ago, and the seals in the stream and are shot already. They're are also drips from the outlet in the grouphead (where the water comes out after you shut the flow off).

    Are the flick levers prone to leaking and killing the seals? Can you really replace them at home? Can you get the flicks changed to standard taps?

    Or is this just standard maintenance requirements and I'm being a bit precious?

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    Sounds like you just need to do a simple service and replace seals. The group is has little seals that are activated by the cam via the brew leaver.

    Not sure how the flick taps work but my guess would be New seals will fix them too. Coffeeparts should have all the bits.

    Quite easy if you are half handy and plenty of informative YouTube videos etc.


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