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Thread: Replacement lever for (not) Ponte Vecchio Lusso

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    Replacement lever for (not) Ponte Vecchio Lusso

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    My element on my vintage Bezzera Family Lever appears to have died, and I need to replace it.
    Apparently the Lusso element can be dropped in as a direct replacement, so does anyone know anywhere in Australia that sells them? I've asked on home-barista but as that is US-centric the only response I've had from there is from a US site and is presumably 110V.
    I tried by-passing the pressurestat to see if that was the issue, but the element remained cold.

    Obligatory pic:
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    If is a Bezzera machine and horizontal boiler it is probably the BZ35 heating element. Suggestion take it out, take a few pictures and measure and send it to Barazi they are sponsors they may be able to help you



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    Hi I also have one of these machines and have had to replace the element. I can confirm its a standard bezzera part easily available in Australia.

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