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Thread: Programming or Wiring issue

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    Programming or Wiring issue

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    I'm having an issue with the tea function on my Carimali Tema 1 group machine. The tea function operates as an expresso and the big double button doesn't work. I.e. nothing happens when you push the button.

    Very little info around on the machine.

    Controller is Maestro 3D5

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    I have been slowly restoring a similar system, but a different brand of machine.(printed circuit board looks the same)

    It took me a while to find service information online for my machine, sometimes it could be in a generic manual from the company with every machine in it or the manual might be on the actual printed circuit board itself( search the part no of the circuit board) which is how I found my information.

    good luck!

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    Hi there,
    The biggest problem I can see is that you're getting an expresso instead of an espresso. (sorry I had to say that, just trying to be funny)
    All jokes aside, it is bit hard to investigate this kind of issue with photos. Will most likely need to be looked at by someone who understands how to use a multi meter to determine the nature of the problem.
    It could be,
    * input to the controller (the button and or the input wiring)
    * the controller itself
    * output from the controller
    * output wiring, relays, yada yada
    Might be best and safer to let someone take a look if you're not familiar with circuits and 240 volts.

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    Hi.I have problem with my carimali kicco because left group is off, and it doesn't heatting boiler.How to turn it on? Help me please.

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