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Thread: Bezzera BZ-99 burnt milk smell from steam AND hot water wands :/

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    Unhappy Bezzera BZ-99 burnt milk smell from steam AND hot water wands :/

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    Hi all

    I have a Bezzera BZ-99 which recently started letting out bad smelling steam. At first I thought I just needed to clean the steam wand, but I tested the hot water wand and it's got the same burnt milk smell to it. Googling around it seems the machine may have sucked up some milk while steaming and it's found its way into the boiler

    Can anyone confirm this diagnosis? And if that's what has happened, do I need to pull the entire boiler apart to clean it or can I run some sort of cleaning solution through the system? I am moderately competent when it comes to taking the machine apart - have fixed valves and blocked lines etc. before - but I have never fully disassembled the boiler.

    I have send a request for quote to the site sponsors for a full descale and clean but I only received one response and it was from an interstate sponsor.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

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    I have heard of such thing occasionally, but I havenít had to deal with it myself. I donít know if descaling is going to do it. To clean up milk residue normally you would use something like baking soda, which chemically is the opposite to a descaling solution, which is acidic. I am not sure how hard it will be to get rid of any microorganisms causing the smell.
    If it is milk residue inside the boiler, it suggests that vacuum has occured while cooling down, sucking it in. If you take the machine apart, check the vacuum breaker for any deposits.

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    There are special cleaners available to deal with this issue...

    Contact your local friendly Site Sponsor and they will see you right.


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    Espresso cleaning product company Cafetto released a guide on how to clean a milk contaminated boiler, it was a downloadable pdf but i can't seem to find it anymore.
    It might be that their site won't load it on my mobile.
    Google "cafetto milk contaminated boiler" and you should be able to find it.

    It involves Cafetto milk cleaning solution and descaler.
    They advise filling the boiler with a solution of milk cleaner and water, letting soak, then rinsing and performing a descale.

    I've used this process on an ECM Technika with milk contamination and it was successful.
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    Id pull the boiler.
    At least then you know that its properly clean and not smelly. And that all the chemicals are out.
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    Thanks all for your replies. I'll look into the cafetto guide and assess whether I am confident enough to pull the boiler apart completely. It's not the teardown that I'm worried about, it's the reassemble :P

    Mal, I did send an enquiry to all the site sponsors but noone in Melbourne got back to me - I'll give them a few more days though.
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