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Thread: Help needed - Gicar PTC 890 and pins/jumpers

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    Question Help needed - Gicar PTC 890 and pins/jumpers

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    Hey anyone,
    I've been very occasionally working on restoring an older 2-group Brugnetti/Aurora machine I picked up that was in need of a serious overhaul. I've cleaned it all up and done a fair bit of work getting it back to a serviceable state, but I'm having a weird problem with the controller.

    When I switch the machine on and it starts heating, I can use the buttons on the first of the two groups to get water coming out in nice measured doses. That's a win. However, the second group doesn't appear to work. The buttons light up, there's clicks from the Gicar controller box but no water.

    Add to this, after a short period of time (maybe a minute) all the lights start flashing across both sets of buttons, and neither group responds to a button push. This is regardless of whether you've pushed buttons beforehand or not.

    There seems to be quite a few jumpers and pins on the controller and I'm not sure they're in the right places. It also has a programming key that plugged onto two of the pins inside the box, and unfortunately I removed it during the restoration process and didn't note where it was connected. So now I have no idea. I assume that means the machine is in programming mode constantly, but having never used one of these machines/controllers I don't really know how that works.

    So, I was wondering if anyone had:
    1.) A manual or diagram for the Gicar PTC 890 explaining what these do. I can dream, right?
    2.) A machine that uses this controller and is working. If so, I'd love to see where the jumpers are set both inside the box and on the side below where the button panels plug in.
    3.) Any general advice. I'm a bit lost at this point.

    This is the lid of the thing:

    This is inside the box:

    On the side of the box:

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    Lights flashing and no response probably relates to a lack of water. If I leave my water off, and press a button, then my machine will behave in the same way. So perhaps a lack of water to the second group is confounding your troubleshooting at the moment.

    good luck !

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickR View Post
    Lights flashing and no response probably relates to a lack of water.
    All lights flashing across all touchpads usually means a 'water flow alarm' (most manufacturers use Gicar electronics, so a lot of error messaes and programming procedures are the same or similar across a wide range of manufacturers/models).
    When a group is activated but the control board does not receive a signal from the group's flowmeter within a certain period of time, it assumes a water flow problem and flashes all the touchpad lights. This will happen either if the flowmeter itself stops working so doesn't sense the water flow, or if there is no actual flow (as in your case) due to a blockage or a faulty 3 way valve on the group.
    I'd probably start by swapping the 3 way valves between the groups and see if that changes things (which would indicate a blocked or faulty valve).

    I wouldn't worry about the jumpers at this point - it's much more likely for a machine to play up due to blockages than to find someone has moved jumpers to the wrong positions.
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