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Thread: Boiler issue - VBM Domobar Super

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    Boiler issue - VBM Domobar Super

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    Had this machine now for 10 years. Lately, when it starts up in the morning, itíll get to 1.1 on the dial after a few minutes of boiling the water in the boiler. After 30 minutes, if I turn on the steam wand, the dial drops immediately to almost zero and itís as if the machine has only been on for 5 minutes. I did experiment and leave the steam wand very slightly open the night before and found that if it can let off a tiny bit of steam during the heating up, it works as normal.

    Any ideas from the brains trust?

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    Sounds like false pressure, from the anti-vacuum valve not opening when the machine cools down as normal. It's on top of the boiler, $25 part if you want to do it yourself, or put it in for a service. Also known as the vent valve or vac breaker
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    You can get these valves that have a fitting for a vent pipe,rather than put the small amount of steam inside your machine as it warms up.
    Coffeeparts was the place i saw them. Pretty sure

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    Agree with kofekitt.

    Had a similar issue before. Was going to replace the anti-vac valve but ended up taking it apart, soaking it in citric acid, placing the o-ring and worked fine after that. Most likely a bit of scale has caused the pin to be stuck in the closed position and not drop. Its a pretty simple part with very few parts so very little can go wrong with it that can't be easily fixed.
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