I'm hoping a CS'er can help here....for some time, my PV Export has been making the squeaking noise. Lately it also upgraded to a metal on metal grinding noise in addition to producing little brass flakes of metal.

So, thinking it was overdue to change the seals, I did so last night. The middle seal on the piston was completely chewed in one spot and I also noticed a lip on the spring - this is possibly what is producing the brass flakes? There was not really any evidence of scoring on the grouphead either. I applied some Haynes Silicone grease to everything expecting the problem to go away. Sadly, the noise is still there. The piston moves a little more freely however, the little brass flakes are still being produced.

The lever doesn't really track straight when you release it either....never has really. I thought it was a quirk of the machine. It continues to produce beautiful shots as it has done so for nearly 10 years. I'm just a little concerned about the amount of brass I'm potentially eating.

What would you recommend I do? Time for an upgrade or look at replacing the entire grouphead/piston/spring?