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Thread: Frustrating channelling problem - Breville Oracle

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    Frustrating channelling problem - Breville Oracle

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    Greetings folks
    I have 2 oracle machines - 1 for work and another at home
    The work machine has developed a frustrating channelling issue - it extracts fine after pre-infusion then blonds and runs watery (at 11 sec overall)
    All settings are identical - temp, pre-infusion time etc
    Beans are fine - perfect extraction in home machine
    Puck from channelled extraction looks similar however is dry in the middle - changed baskets between 2 machines but problem persists
    Have fiddled with the grind with no success, backflushed to make sure screen is clean
    Auto tamp seems ok - (2 machines are in separate locations so can't really confirm tamp from one to the other)
    Actually manual tamped to see if that made a difference with no success
    Dose seems the same with both machines (haven't weighed however)
    Any suggestions ??

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    Were the beans brewed at home brought home from work and brewed the same day? If not try doing some that way and see how they brew.

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    Drop the screen and clean behind it if you havenít already. Maybe an issue there with a part of it blocked forcing water thru a smaller area?

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    I also have two Oracles, one at work and one at home, and while I haven't had your exact issue the home machine is much more temperamental than the work one. Is it just you using it? There's not much you can do to these machines I don't think in terms of abuse but are other staff etc using it?

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