Hi All,

Experienced an issue this morning with the Oracle here at work - took a long time to grind then got hardly any volume in the shot and it was way over-extracted. I took the burrs out, cleaned them, etc. But now we've had to adjust the grind knob to the coarsest setting and it's borderline still being too fine - extraction starts around 9-10s and flow is restricted.

No changes occurred overnight, same beans, same everything else. Typically it's very reliable and starts extracting at 7s and makes very nice espresso.

This is the second time this has occurred. About 4 months ago when we moved the until from one kitchen to another we had the same issue - long grind time, too fine, etc.

So we've gone from a 19-21 grind range (initially), through 29-30 after that move 4 months ago and now at 45 (max) and still too fine.

Any ideas on what might be wrong? If the burrs were worn wouldn't the grind be too coarse rather than becoming too fine? When I adjust the grind knob with the hopper removed I don't see any movement up or down - is that normal?