Hi all,

I have a Diadema Unico Splendor machine and have had it for a while now. It's developed a dripping steam wand. When it starts to build pressure in the boiler then drip, drip, drip along with a small amount of steam, just enough to make a mess of the surrounding bench. I took the chrome tap out to see what I could do with it and there were no apparent O-rings or washers there, so I assume it needs to be re-seated or replaced.

Googling for these things is tricky as it doesn't appear to be a super popular item. The best I could find was a BMC steam tap but I don't know whether it's compatible with my Diadema, and don't want to drop $80+ on something that might not fit. I hear BMC and Diadema are the same but are they really exactly the same internally as they look a little different externally.

Any assistance appreciated, nothing more annoying than a dripping tap!