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Thread: Bezzera BZ99s - group head seal types

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    Bezzera BZ99s - group head seal types

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    Getting ready to change the group head seal on my Bezzera BZ99s, which I believe is a pre-2000 machine.

    As far as I can tell currently has an "old style" o-ring type group head seal.

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows:
    1. whether the newer "flat/conical" style will fit?
    2. is there is a benefit in changing to the new style?


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    Did you ever get an answer. I’ve searched for the bezzera product code but it comes back boank

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    I probably need to do the same with my early-model BZ99s soon. I recommend emailing Barazi as their advice has been spot-on to me for various parts I've required.

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