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Thread: New to Boema classic (restoration)

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    New to Boema classic (restoration)

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    Good morning all.

    I am posting here as I am unsure what area to post in with the machine I have. I have bought a second hand Boema classic single group.

    I am currently restoring the machine.

    I am not getting power from the board to the group head pump so hence no water to group head at all. I have checked all the pipes and everything is clear. My rotary pump works and I am getting water to the boiler.

    However. I only get water through the pump on initial start up of the machine. If I drain from the hot water outlet the pump turns on as unit is filling the machine but no water gets drained. I am running off a external tank and have screwed in the pump pressure screw at the back clockwise To increase the pressure. Any ides? Could this issue be related to a broken control board too?

    Cheers all

    If this post is in the wrong space please advise and I will move it.
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