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Thread: Pressurestat replacement options

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    Pressurestat replacement options

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    Hi all,

    Since I bought my San Marino CX second hand earlier this year, the deadband on the pressurestat has always been a little on the broad side. Currently, its approaching the somewhat ridiculous (0.5 bar or so) so its time for a change. However, Im not entirely sure what to do about this.

    The most simple option would be to replace the current Mater pstat with another one, but the tweaker inside of me wants to move up in the world to a Sirai (or a CEME...but im not sure if thats an upwards or sideways movement). Of course, Id have to find space and support for it in the case, but it should be achievable.

    Anyway, is this train of thought reasonable, or should i just stick with nice and simple?


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    Re: Pressurestat replacement options

    The Sirai is comparatively larger, and adapting fittings from one to the other could be a problem.

    Have a look at this:


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    Re: Pressurestat replacement options

    Ive been scouring the net about this for a while, and it looks like the Sirai isnt that expensive on Coffeeparts anyway (only around $10 more than a MA-TER) and the membrane is replaceable (hooray for user servicibility!).

    But yes, as you said Robusto, I just need to hope for space and a compatible thread for a simple conversion.
    Does anyone have the dimensions of the Sirai handy? Theres quite a bit of room the the San Marino chassis, some creative tube bending may be required though :)
    As for the thread size, the thread of the Sirai looks larger (as does the rest of it) than a comparative CEME p-stat, but thats easily fixed with one of those reducing thingies (sorry, Im a dentist not a plumber :)).


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    Re: Pressurestat replacement options

    Gday Aaron,

    Just happen to have my Sirai handy and the measurements are.... 100mm(H)x105mm(L)x58mm(W). The Height dimension includes the flange boss where your pipe fitting attaches. All the best mate and hope that helps :),


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