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Thread: VBM Domobar Junior Help

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    Question VBM Domobar Junior Help

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    Hello all,

    i have a domobar JNR, purchased 2010
    its been rock solid until recently.

    turned it on the other day and it pumped water for ages and eventually stopped and wouldn't heat.
    i could trick the heater to turn on by pulling the lever.
    however when i did this and it started to boil, water came out the vac valve
    ive check the ground cable to the boiler, its fine
    ive removed and cleaned the water probe.

    im assuming the control board is pork chopped?


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    Check the fill level probe (and its wiring) before assuming it's the control board, it's a whole lot cheaper to fix the former.

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    Hello ,

    Any progress on this as I am having the exact same issue.


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    Might be something of use in this thread -

    Quote from Lyrebird in link above - "BTW I also rewired / rerouted the boiler fill sensor ground wire: the stock configuration (plain PVC insulated wire right on top of the boiler with no standoff) is just plain bad design. I replaced it with high temperature (ECTFE insulated) wire on a 10mm standoff (enough to get it to the outside of the blanket)."

    Quote from TC in another thread - "That ground wire on the steam boiler exposed to ~123C goes crisp and results in overfills due to massive resistance."

    PS Link added -
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