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Thread: Bezzera BZ02S HX machine repair help

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    Bezzera BZ02S HX machine repair help

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    I have picked up a new roughie/project a well used Bezzera BZ02S with unknown history.

    The seller sold as faulty with a leaking boiler, but cosmetically in pretty good shape (all parts complete drip tray, water tank etc) and came with one group handle but no filters.

    The group seal will need replacing as it is hard as a rock but I will wait until the machine is running properly before attending to that.

    I have done a quick test and confirmed the following;

    1. Machine powers up and auto fill is working OK
    2. Initially nothing from water and steam arms when opened
    3. Water from group when turning switch
    4. Does appear to heat/build some pressure
    5. After about 5 minutes there is some steam/water leaking from base of boiler (will grab some pics tonight of bottom of boiler which looks a bit corroded)

    I had a quick look online and looks like the boiler / heating element are joined and both very expensive to replace.

    Any BZ02/BZ99 gurus out there who provide any tips? Is it likely the o-ring seal to heating element or could the boiler have a physical leak?

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    G'day rb...

    I've just uploaded the BZ02 Parts Manual that may be of help.
    Can be accessed here...


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    Thanks Mal, I will have a good look, that is very handy.
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