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Thread: Expobar Minore newbie questions

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    Question Expobar Minore newbie questions

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    Hi All,

    I recently bought a used Expobar Minore II (2006 with red PID display, vibration pump + tank) and I have a few questions I was hoping the community could help with.

    Before I ask the questions I should probably provide some info I've already gathered, as it may avoid the dreaded "more info required" answers. The machine looks like it has been well looked after - externally still very shiny and new looking. Shots are very good, so no issues with performance. Under the hood everything looks pretty good - no obvious corrosion or leak marks on boilers. I've inspected the mushroom and there was very little scale and I cleaned the parts anyway. It has a new shower screen and gasket, as I found out when I removed it (I've seen worn and dirty ones before and this was better than I expected). Very little grime in there so the seller was not lying when he said it was serviced earlier this year. Only part that shows obvious wear is the steam arm and I'm thinking about replacing it with a no-burn one with nicer tip shape (mine has the squared shape). It still has the original feet and 2 are missing the rubber boots so I plan to get some of the Minore IV short feet to replace them, as it does move a bit on the bench when I tighten the PF. I added an in-tank anti-scale filter to the inlet tube, previous owner didn't use this (I'm in Canberra so not super hard water).

    1. Brew pressure gauge. When I pull a shot the brew pressure sits around 12 bar (forgot to check with blind filter, sorry). Is this the pressure in the group head and should it be more like 9 bar? I know I can adjust the OVP via the hole behind the drip tray but wanted to check first whether the 12 bar was meaningful for brew head pressure (as opposed to boiler pressure). Shots are very good so I'm inclined to leave it as is.

    2. The steam boiler is missing any lagging/insulation - brew boiler has fluffy red stuff around it. Should I bother adding new insulation to the steam boiler (or both if I go ahead)? If so where should I source it from (google has failed me on this Q).

    3. 3rd party PFs, are the Expobar PFs standard E61 or should I only get genuine Expobar ones? I'm thinking about getting a naked PF. Prices are similar so maybe maybe I should just go Expobar to be safe.

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: Mods - should this post be in the "pointy end ($1500-$3000) forum instead?
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    Found an answer for Q1 on YouTube in the end -

    I think my brew pressure gauge is off as it reads 1.5 bar when the machine is off and totally cooled down. So I'm assuming this is an "offset" and I found my gauge read 12 bar when using the blind filter. I ended up adjusting the OPV down 0.5 bar to 11.5 - 10 bar minus offset.

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