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Thread: New Mushroom?

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    New Mushroom?

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    After having a very sticky lever on my Minore III for some time, I started pulling my machine apart yesterday and next minute Iíve stripped the whole grouphead from the machine. Iím cleaning the bits up in the ultrasonic bath but itís not coming up quite as well as Iíd hoped.

    This is my mushroom valve after some light cleaning. Am I due a new one or just give it a good soak and itíll be fine?

    As for the brass components, are we expecting them to all come up shiny, because mine certainly arenít.

    Just waiting to order new seals and gaskets on Monday and then see how we get on. Any advice most welcome.


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    The mushroom will be fine, a new o ring should suffice.

    The pins/valves can wear and need replacing I've replaced mine once in 10 years.

    Lubricate the cam assy before you reassemble it.
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    Thanks for that link. I had done some E61 searches but hadnít come across that one.

    My 2 rubber seals in the handle were shredded so they will definitely be replaced. The rest of the lubrication advice is great!

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    I've just ordered 2 gasket o-rings for my Minore II lever, as I was getting a small leak at the lever handle when back-flushing. I'm glad I saw this post (Yelta's reply in particular) as I was not sure how to go about replacing the new o-rings. Any more tips are welcome.

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