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Thread: Rocket Giotto Premium Plus 2 - can you plumb it in?

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    Lightbulb Rocket Giotto Premium Plus 2 - can you plumb it in?

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    Hi everyone,

    In 2015 I purchased a Rocket Giotto Premium Plus 2 coffee machine. It's been fantastic for home use. But recently I've bought a house and we're renovating the kitchen - I'm now wondering if it's possible to plumb this machine in.

    If if's not possible to plumb it in, is there a way the machine could be modified to make it possible to be plumbed in, and who might be able to help me with that?

    FYI I'm in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

    Thanks guys.

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    I'm an Aussie based in Abu Dhabi but currently working in Rwanda
    It will depend if you have the rotary pump or vibration pump version - ie Evo or Type V. It isn't possible with vibration pump. Also you will see if there is a drain hole area in the drip tray for a drain hole (this is easy giveaway).

    Good luck !

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    I have been going to plumb my machine in. I got one of those small float tap things that uses 1/4 push fit pipe. I already have a pressure reducer for the fridge water, so was going to t in that pipe.
    For the drain, I was looking at a washing machine waste pipe, it has a pretty low profile elbow at the machine end, and a correct sized other end to go onto the dishwasher waste point at the P trap under the sink

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