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Thread: Boiler stopped refilling in VMB Domobar Super Heat Exchange Machine

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    Boiler stopped refilling in VMB Domobar Super Heat Exchange Machine

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    I've only used my machine occasionally in the past 2 years, and just as I've started using it again, the boiler has stopped refilling.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction? Here's what I've worked out so far:

    - It stopped working (so I noticed) it when I half filled up a mug using the water tap for a cup of tea, only to have it run dry and not fill up.
    - Pump works, as it will pump water through the heat exchanger and through the group head.
    - I had only recently pulled the e61 group head apart to clean and replace seals. However I didn't have all the seals I needed, so I've reassembled it, and used the machine for a couple of days. But I cannot confirm that the boiled has filled since I did that. I plan on replacing these once I've got the boiler full.
    - When I had the top of the e61 apart, there was a lot of build up (it actually took a little bit of force to remove the very top bit), so I suspect the machine needs to be descaled. (I've never done it :-o) However, the instructions for descaling I want to follow require the use of filling the boiler.
    - I thought it might be the water level meter, however I disconnected the wire, and that didn't trigger the boiler to fill, which I'm lead to believe it should.
    - I have inspected the control box, and all the elements look ok (to my naive eyes), but I am unsure how to test that is working apart from looking for burnt out components.

    Therefore, I suspect it could be the control box, too much scale build up, or the solenoid? Is there a way to test which? Or is there something I have missed?

    Many thanks in advance if anybody can help!

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    Disconnecting the water level probe should fill the boiler. Nonetheless check the probe for scale. I had an auto fill control box die. Turned out to be the transformer so that was a $20 part instead of forking out ~$250 for a control box. Worth getting it looked at. You may need a new heating element if the boiler hasn't filled and the element has burnt out.
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