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Thread: Elektra semi automatica vs...

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    Elektra semi automatica vs...

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey all,

    Looking long term, and into the machine that I would love to own. I currently have a gaggia classic, which is probably three years old, so reading on this site I should be planning now for the inevitable boiler failure that could be lurking.

    For years I have drooled over the Elektra semi automatica; I just love the ugliness of the thing (the eagle, the plumbing, the over the top styling, just love it). I have in principle agreement from the minister of finance to pick one up should I find a cheap one (I can live in hope), so the planning commences. However, there is little mention of these on here, which has me a little confused and worried....

    I have read some fantastic reviews of the semi automatica on coffee geek and another website by memory, but there seems to be no-one on here with one (I could be wrong on that front), which makes me wonder whether there are much better machines out there (such as the bezzera domus galatea for example). My main poison of choice is long blacks and espressos, which my my reading the semi automatica does very well.

    Does anyone have any comments (good or bad) about this machine?

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    Re: Elektra semi automatica vs...

    Hello One Rampage,

    afraid you will have to be specific about the model are are asking about.

    The term "semiautomatic" does not refer to a model type, just any machine that is electro mechanical in function.

    Are you asking about a "MicroCasa" semiautomatic (a domestic maket model) , or an A3 semiautomatic (1 group commercial semiautomatic), or any one of the other 4 model types produced by elektra?

    About the only comment I could make at the moment is be aware that excellent form and beauty, and a great coffee machine, may not necessarily go together and a machine that suits one individual, may not suit another individual, for any number of reasons.

    For example if you like to entertain friends and have lots around all the time or on weekends, a Micro Casa (semi auto or lever) may not be the best machine for that kind of use.....where you as an individual would be looking for a machine with more capacity in that situation.

    If on the other hand what you mean is an elektra A3 semiautomatic, then this has a lot more capacity but requires plumbing in your house.

    Etc etc etc.

    See what I mean?

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Elektra semi automatica vs...

    Hey FC,

    Sorry about that, I thought I had the details together :-[

    It would be the microcasa semiauto.

    My main use would be personal; pulling coffees for myself and possibly my wife, and not for a large group. Both of us are long black/espresso drinkers, so I dont need a more commercial unit. Looking for a non-plumbed unit, to sit on a bench (basically to replace my gaggia classic).

    Any other comments?

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    Re: Elektra semi automatica vs...

    Hmm ... interesting question. From what I can gather, all elektra machines in Australia are pretty much near the top of their price point. Last time that I checked, I was quoted more on the Barlume series than on a La Marzocco FB series machine! The last time that I saw the semiautomatica for sale, it was north of $3k. This has two meaningful consequences for you; (a) I think that you are unlikely to find one "cheap" and (b) I suspect that this is at least part of the reason why the Elektra prosumer machines are not widely stocked.

    Jim Schulmans review on is thoughtfully written and is a good read. However, I think that it is important to attach a few disclaimers to it. First, there is no guarantee that US spec machines perform anything like Australian machines. Second, the review deals with what Jim thought of the machine. Unlike many reviewers, Jim does a good job of highlighting what his personal opinions are and what the consequences for the reader are - so pay attention!

    Straight away, the thing that springs to mind as being relevant to you is that you drink long blacks ... but the machine doesnt have a hot water spout.

    Anyhoo, I hope that thats helpful and I would be very interested to hear your thoughts if you do buy the machine.

    Best of luck,


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