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Thread: Expobar E61-type compared to the real McCoy?

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    Expobar E61-type compared to the real McCoy?

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    Hi guys,

    Ive seen things written around the ever-reliable place known as the internet ( :-? ::)) that the group used on some or all of the Expobar machines is a E61-type group. Ive also seen the term EB-61 and I dont know if another name for the same thing. Can someone clarify, and perhaps more importantly, explain how these groups differ from the genuine E61, and what effect this difference has on operation and results?


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    Re: Expobar E61-type compared to the real McCoy?


    Im not quite sure what the difference in operation and results are. But Im pretty sure the EB-61 shower head sits lower. I asked the question awhile back ago but I cant remember the answer...>.<

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    Re: Expobar E61-type compared to the real McCoy?

    Could it have something to do with the E61 patent being owned by someone in Vibiemme - so to avoid paying royalties they modify the design a little and call it something else....? Or something along those lines...

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    Re: Expobar E61-type compared to the real McCoy?

    Im not the best person to answer this, but I have been told there are many versions of the E61 on the market. I am aware of 3 different versions of the E61, all as functional as each other but with minor differences. At the end of the day I dont think that any of them are that much worse than any other e61, as the group was designed for thermal stability. Further it may be that the origional e61 was not the best of them, and that one of the copies may perform better. It comes down to the more mass in the group, the more thermal retention.

    A customer of mine has a commercial VBM, and another a ECM, both with the e64 group head. The thermal retention in the heads is good, better than most other machines. Our Michealangelo has the e61 groups, and the only difference I notice in it over the e64 is it requires a shorter flush.

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    Re: Expobar E61-type compared to the real McCoy?

    There are many versions of the E-61 used by different manufactures since first used by Faema in---1961. Modifications since, of course, inlcude dispensing with levers and operating by electromagnetic valves instead.

    On my machine, there large holes on the side where the levers would have once been. Instead of redesigning the group without the holes, the manufacturer just sealed them off with blanking plugs.

    A simple solution -- but because one had not been tightened enough, a leak developed which caused water to trickle into the three-way valve coil and short it out. Potentially fatal.

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