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Thread: How do I replace a thermostat?

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    How do I replace a thermostat?

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    Greetings, Coffee Experts,
    I have a Rancilio S24 with a bad thermostat, I jumpered around it and will need to replace it. but dont know if there is anything I should know in order to do it properly. I am good with tools, but never have done one of these. Any suggestions?

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    Re: How do I replace a thermostat?

    Gday Rick,

    Any chance of taking a photo of the device youre referring to so that we know were all talking about the same thing?

    Also, very dangerous practice "bridging out" safety device contacts :o..... Could be setting yourself up for a very unexpected outcome,


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    Re: How do I replace a thermostat?

    Agreed Mal. With the thermostat by-passed, Rick, how do you/the machine know when to cycle the element on/off?

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