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Thread: La Cimbali Jr D help??

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    La Cimbali Jr D help??

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    hello, i own a junior d thats been a great machine with only a few minor fixes that ive been able to perform myself with the help of this forum and others. the problem im having currently is when the machine sits overnight the water tank level recedes by a few ounces and i find this water under my machine. from what i can see it appears a hose exits the plastic water tank and goes directly to what appears to be a pump of sorts. its approx 2 inches in diameter and perhaps 3 inches long and has power running to it. this piece appears to be seeping water from the exit side and is badly rusted.. i hope im explaining this clearly. does anyone know what this piece is and where i might get one? i really think its time to tear this thing down and do a ground up resto on it since i have a good amount of corrosion inside the machine. other than that its works great and i want to fix my baby back up. any help is appreciated as always.

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    Re: La Cimbali Jr D help??

    What you are describing is the water pump.

    The outlet shank of most modern electric vibrating water pumps is usually a kind of nylon material like chopping boards are made of, and for older models usually brass. The nipple that screws into the end of the pumps shank (and nconnects to exiting water line) is usually brass or some other composite material. *Shouldnt* be rusty...however it could be a lot of scaley mucky build up certainly indicating it has been leaking there...

    If the machine is working fine in every way except for this "inconvenient" leak you have noticed, the first idea would be to simply undo the water line from the outlet of the pump, clean thoroughly, wrap a small amount of plumbers / teflon tape around the cleaned thread, and do it all up again and see what happens. You may have just fixed your leak!

    If on the other hand the leak is coming form the joint between the central cylindrical body of the pump and the exiting shank, well do the same as above. There could be a failed O ring in there or something, clean and refit with new O ring, or teflon tape, or whatever etc etc.

    If when you dismantle it becomes obvious a new replacement pump is needed, go ahead and replace it but please note it is far easier to go with a genuine part (even though it might be more expenssive than a generic part), because it should slot straight in and bolt straight up without requiring all sorts of mucking around to make it fit and connect up.

    For the rest of it remember, dont fix anything that aint broke!

    Oh and lastly, dont forget this appliance is loaded with elektri-killery so please pull the chord right out of the wall before doing anything (dont just switch off). You cant fix your machine from the grave!

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: La Cimbali Jr D help??

    thank you so much. it is leaking between the pump body and the outlet pipe. i will dismantle and look for an o ring. many thanks

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