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    Office Machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi All. I bought an ECM Giotto for home a year ago after researching through this site and am very happy with it.

    I am now starting to research an automatic machine for the office at work. Its only a small office 10 to 15 people. Would want something that grinds, and automatically adds the milk/foam. As a few of us are extreme coffee lovers as good as possible without the manual input is what we are after. Hands on machines dont work too well in this environment I have found in the past.

    Any suggestions greatfully received.


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    Re: Office Machine


    Hi and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.

    There is one - and only one - machine I would recommend and that is a Jura.

    I hope your office has a large budget for the machine as they are expensive..... but the lesser superautomatics will cost you far more in the long run..... lots of regular maintenance required, much lower reliability (often spending more time in for repairs than making coffee - and the repairs are also very expensive as is the routine maintenance).

    In an office environment the routine maintenance on these superautos often isnt done as required..... and this can cause more problems than a manual machine (they also require someone to take charge of the machine and service it as required).....

    A Jura will produce good coffees.... the others.... well if you like your coffee - I wouldnt bother on that count either.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Office Machine

    Funny, I too have just had this conversation, and came to the conclusion that the best bet is to get a good grinder, fresh beans, and do French press or stove top.


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    Re: Office Machine

    Although probably out of your price range and budget - Diamond C Services (site sponsor) has a superb SuperAutomatic Coffee Machine - the Azkoyen Spression.

    We have placed these machines in some very prestigious Corporate Locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane - and in some of them the machine is knocking out 400 to 500 milk based espresso beverages per day.

    The shot of espresso this machine produces is excellent - and we have had some excellent feedback from very respected people in the coffee industry in Australia - who have been embarrassed in "blind taste" tests picking the shot of espresso from the Azkoyen Spression -v- an espresso shot from a traditional espresso machine.

    The machine is capable of delivering 2 types of milk - a more textured and creamy milk for lattes/cappuccinos and a hotter flatter milk for flat whites - and obviously whilst a good barista could do a better job of texturing milk - the milk that this machine delivers is probably better than a lot of ordinary baristas.

    This machine is not cheap (approx $13990 inc GST) however its very much horses for course - if you only have a office of 15 to 20 people then a Jura would be more than adequate for your needs however if you have a on office of 100 + and need to knock out 100+ coffee per day then it is well worth considering.

    The larger corporates justify the expense - by basically keeping their good staff on site all day rather than wandering off to the local cafe for their caffeine fix 3 times per day.

    Anyway if anyone wants further information go to this link at our website:

    and if anyone has further questions would be pleased to answer them


    Diamond C Services

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