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Thread: Upgrade to a Domobar?

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    Upgrade to a Domobar?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Greg, what is your opinion on the Domobar? What other machines have you owned to compare it to? Ive got a EM6910 and am thinking of upgrading to the Domobar, you reckon its worth it?

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    Re: Choice tests of Espresso machines Febraury 200

    Ive only had the La San Marco and the VBM. I have a friend with a Saeco Via Venezia.
    The LSM was their "home" model, had a brass boiler (about 200ml) and a reasonable portafilter set. My friends Via Venezia was no match for it, even with a non-pressurised portafilter.
    From all that I could gather (I am a compulsive comparer!) the LSM was *about* equal to the Silvia, having cost $350 wholesale about 20 years ago.
    When it died, and parts were no longer available, I wanted an upgrade as well, having already bought a Rocky grinder. Since I am the only coffee drinker, making many coffees in a row easily didnt count, and I didnt want to spend much over $1000 on a new machine. It ended up as a toss-up between a Silvia with PID or the VBM. In the end it was the history and raving about E61 machines that decided me.
    The VBM beats my LSM easily, and makes coffee such that sometimes I just have to have two in a row! It uses more water, takes longer to heat up, and looks great when its clean.
    The only coffee Ive had that I enjoyed more was made by Mark Barun (the coffee barun) on his new Synesso machine.
    Is it worth it? It is to me. Of course YMMV.

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    Re: Choice tests of Espresso machines Febraury 200

    Hmmmm, things to think about... Im really not sure if its worth it, the Em is a great machine from what i know, but then, i know very little so...
    Oh well, there is no rush, when the time is right itll all fall together. Thanks for the insight anyway...

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    Re: Upgrade to a Domobar?

    Hi Iconiq,

    I recently upgraded from a PID Silvia to VBM Super (3 x the price) but its all good. Loved the Silvia but the upgrade was worth it, to me anyway.
    Repeatable shots as fast as you can make them and certainly more forgiving than Miss Silvia.

    Dont know much about Sunbeam sorry, (they make egg beaters dont they?)

    Of course the decision is all yours...good luck !


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    Re: Upgrade to a Domobar?

    After about 6.5 years I too upgraded from a PIDd Sivia to the VBM Domobar Super lever. A few days ago I posted a review of the VBM on my website: (link to the review is a the top of the right-hand column)
    I have been using it for about 10 months now. The first 8 or so were with a Rocky and the last two with a Mazzer Kony.

    Long story short-- these two machines are worlds apart. There is much more to an espresso machine than temperature control.

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