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Thread: Plumbing in a Minore

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    Plumbing in a Minore

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    Ok, this may be a bit early but.... We are building a house, and in the nice new kitchen i would like to plumb in the trusty minore... so the question is, what do i need to get the guys quoting on the plumbing to quote on? i know what i would need to do to the machine, but what about what i need to do to the kitchen? a hose outlet connected to mains water? filter? softener? any of that stuff?

    please let me know... its still a long way off, but i am getting excited about not running out of water mid shot!


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    Re: Plumbing in a Minore


    Where are you located?
    Im pretty sure that Atilio (Cosmorex) and Chris (Talk Coffee) know a bit about water systems.
    At the very least, a sponsor in your area is going to know people who specialise in this area.

    Give a sponsor in your area a buzz.


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    Re: Plumbing in a Minore

    Hi Dan,

    Any supplier should be able to sell you a suitable kit for your machine. Budget $150 upwards, depending on how much you want it to do.

    Plumbing wise, you essentially need two dishwasher taps ;) and drainage of course. If you can minimise the fun and maximise the drop of the coffee dregs tube, that will certainly help things. Expobar can do the complete job on your machine for you to make it ready to hook up.

    Your kit will require a pressure limiting valve, filter/s and suitable tube to hook them all up.

    I have a water guy who can send you a kit, but as Brett mentioned, Attilio is just one of our resident water specialists.


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