Hi, guys!
Another post about my new Zaffiro. By the way, I am not sure which category this machine is in - whether its a pointy end or the one below ;-) (technically its around 1500 price mark...) Decided to post in here ;-)
my Zaffiro is quite noisy whenever the hot water switch is on (which is pretty much all the time the machine is in use, I guess). Is it because the pump is working all the time?, I dont know... Apart from being noisy its ok, as far as I can tell... the thermostat is working, water is being sucked in from the reservoir. Its just when the boiler is full and no water is being sucked from the tank, the noise as if the pump is working is still on.
first I though there was something wrong with my machine, but I checked at couple of other Zaffiros on display and they are all like that - a feature. Also higher Isomacs (e. g. Millenium) are noisy too, at least when they are new.
Is it supposed to be so? Will the machine be quieter in the future when the parts break in (hopefully not break down! :-?)