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Thread: The Diamond Italia- discussion

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    The Diamond Italia- discussion

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    This thread has been created for discussion on this machine.

    It would be great to hear from some owners. How are you finding your sexy new machine?


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    Re: The Diamond Italia- discussion

    Hi. Ive had mine now for about a month (paired with an Ascaso iMini) and I love it. I did promise Id post some more info and never got around to it, so this is a good opportunity


    - high quality construction - the only compromises in construction are the ABS plastic side panels. Ive got to say, though, the machine looks sensational, and you wouldnt pick it as plastic without tapping the side panels. These also mean the machine is kilos lighter than similar machines.

    - easy temperature management - after the machines been on for a while, a quick (10 sec) flush brings everything where it should be

    - can produce shot after shot without noticeable temp variation. I havent actually measured any temp changes to know this precisely

    - good capacity boiler and reservoir

    - great steam power, rapid and easy milk texturing (2 hole wand)

    - easy to clean

    - easily on par with machines costing up to a few hundred dollars more


    - pressure switch under reservoir which ensures automatic cutoff when water level is low is quite stiff. This means that the machine will switch off with close to a litre still left in the reservoir. Means you need to keep the water levels quite full. Im hoping this will ease up a bit as the spring loosens

    - standard double shot basket is a 12g basket. I replaced it with a 14g and immediately noticed the benefits

    I have nothing significantly bad to say after a month. After having the machine for a couple of weeks I went up to Di Bartoli and spent an hour with Renzo to help me actually fine tune everything. Since then Im getting much more consistent shots and have only gotten better. I drink a macchiato or espresso and my wife drinks a latte, and Im able to produce any variation with relative ease.

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    Re: The Diamond Italia- discussion

    Glad to hear one of us has an italia!

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    Re: The Diamond Italia- discussion

    I have had my Italia for 2 months now. I wont go into the decision making process here but rather my experiences with it. I looked at the Giotto Premium and Bezzera Domus as well. I have it matched with a Super Jolly.

    First off it looks great on the bench. My wife and I are both design freaks and a good looking machine was a must. It heats up quick. The 1.8L boiler has a massive 1400W element and it is up to temp (group head as well) in well under 15 mins. This is more Watt per Litre than any other machine in this class. I have mine on a timer and it is on for an hour before I wake up, but in a few situations it has been off when somebody drops in for a coffee so this is a good thing.

    I was a bit worried about how sturdy it would be given that I use commercial machines all day long and it has plastic sides. It holds up very well, there is as much flex in it as in the Giotto due to the sub-frame, and it only wobbles a slight bit when backflushed with the force that I would give a commercial machine.

    The shower screen clearance is high. With the standard basket I can overdose massively compared to other machines. I did not like the standard spouts so swithced them with some I had from coffeeparts. I am playing around with larger baskets at the moment and I currently use a 16gm basket from an ECM. I love the low clearance that the new spouts now give me as I mainly drink espresso. I do not find that it needs a massive cooling flush, it runs a bit hotter than other machines but not every machine runs at the same temp and it pours great espresso with the settings as is. I also love the fact that my ristretto pours are very consistant. The pump pressure is sufficient to pour great ristretto when I get the urge.

    Steam power is good and the standard 2 hole tip makes it very controlable. Loving the no-burn wand for steam and hot water as well. I have tried a 4 hole tip which allows me to use bigger jugs, but put the 2 hole back on as I mainly use a 400ml jug. With the 4 hole tip it has great steam power as well as great recovery.

    My 1 gripe with the machine is that the top panel, or cup tray, has no hinge. When I need to refil the water tank, I have to remove my cups. Its not a big deal as I only refil it twice a week, or every 8-10 coffees. As mentioned it runs out of water with about 600ml left in the resivoir, annoying but probably a safe thing.

    Cleaning is dead easy with the plastic lined drip tray, that holds more than enough liquid, and the layout of the machine. The layout of the machine is one thing that was high on my list.

    Ill take and post some pics now that my new SLR camera has arrived.

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    Re: The Diamond Italia- discussion

    As mentioned it runs out of water with about 600ml left in the resivoir, annoying but probably a safe thing.
    My little Levetta has a water level shut off switch too. The throw on the sprung switch is adjustable by the length of a threaded bolt under the platform which supports the reservoir. I dont know, but this may be the case for the Diamond also.

    I must agree, it certainly is a good looking machine.


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    Re: The Diamond Italia- discussion

    The Italia and Super Jolly at home.

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    Re: The Diamond Italia- discussion

    Great looking machine there!

    And great product placement too ;)!

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