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Thread: Boiler water....

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    Boiler water....

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    In the past say....1.5-2 months I have not drained a drop of water from my boiler (ie use the hot water tap).

    Then this morning, I used it to warm a cup up and noticed the water was brown.....

    Rust perhaps? water too clean?

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    Re: Boiler water....

    hi gavin
    i take it you have a hx machine

    water has become stagnant
    flush hot water through hot water spout until it clears
    this might take awhile as machine needs to recover at intervals

    after water clears, check for any offensive smell or taste
    if smells, descal required

    advised to take atleast 500 ml from hot water spout weekly


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    Re: Boiler water....

    I routine ive gotten into is dumping the hot water from the steam boiler (its connected to the hot water tap) into a jug. Thats the water I use to soak my PF over night with the machine cleaner (cafetto) in it. It keeps the water in the steam boiler replanished and not go stale in case someone wants a long black that doesnt taste like waste.

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    Re: Boiler water....

    I dont know what most people do, b ut I drain my boiler each week using the drain plug. I also flush about 1ltr through each group at the same time. Im sure it probbly isnt required, but habit.

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    Re: Boiler water....

    thanks for your help guys.

    Boiler flushed...

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    Re: Boiler water....

    I also have this problem. With pressure in the machine, I turn it off then open the hot water tap till the boiler is empty (draining it near completely I assume). I then turn the power on so it would refill, then repeated the process 3 or 4 times. The water out of the boiler still tastes metallic.

    Ive only had the machine a couple months, and even though the water here (Illawarra) is incredibly soft from the dam, I still run it through a brita softner - my last machine didnt accumulate any noticeable scale after a year of use so I cant imagine I suddenly have a scale problem now.

    Nevertheless I will descale it soon - its a bit more involved with an HX, so Ill have to get really motivated one day :) - and see if it makes much difference.

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