Hi All,

Ive been following this forum for some time now, and I think its been really helpful. So first of all, thanks to all members.
(Un-)fortunately, my old espresso machine has died some long months ago. Rather than simply replacing it, I decided that this time its gonna be a nice one. However, I am still undecided which one its gonna be... Currently, the Expobar MinoreII is my favourite. That is, apart from the Izzo Alex Duetto, which unfortunately doesnt seem to be available in OZ (yet?).

I hope someone can help me getting closer to a decision by answering some questions:

1. A few weeks ago theres been a post by Talk_Coffee mentioning a new Minore. Havent found anything on the internet about it, though.
I quite like the features of the MinoreII, what I dont like is the plastic PID on the chrome design machine. I was hoping for some improvement there before spending $2.5k

2. My 2nd question is about the differences between a rotary vs vibration pump. I have used a MinoreII with a vibration pump - the rattling of the pump seemed quite loud and the shot glasses were dancing on the drip tray... I wonder if thats any better with a rotary pump? (and is it worth the additional money?) Maybe someone with a rotary pump-MinoreII can comment on this?

Thanks for any feedback!