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Thread: Noise of Vibration Pumps

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    Noise of Vibration Pumps

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    2. My 2nd question is about the differences between a rotary vs vibration pump. I have used a MinoreII with a vibration pump - the rattling of the pump seemed quite loud and the shot glasses were dancing on the drip tray... I wonder if thats any better with a rotary pump? (and is it worth the additional money?) Maybe someone with a rotary pump-MinoreII can comment on this?
    Since I didnt get any feedback on this, Id like to rephrase my question:
    The MinoreII I was using made quite a loud noise, and as I mentioned the shot glasses were rattling and shifting on the drip tray - quite anoying and nothing Id expect from *a machine at the pointy end...
    I live up in Townsville, and theres no chance for me to try a different machine. So I would like to learn from other users, what they think about their vibration pump models? Was my experience a one-off? Is the rattling something Ill have to put up with? Or is it not that bad after all? And finally: Is it worth upgrading to a rotary pump model?

    Thanks for your feedback,

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    Re: Noise of Vibration Pumps

    Hi Norman,

    I have a Minore with the vibe pump. Yeah its noisy and sometimes can be a little vibratory I dont quite get the cups moving around while the pour is going on, but yeah, switching to a rotary may happen sometime down the track.
    I have mate who has the rotary and its great. Not everyone can accomodate the rotary setup so thats a reason I have mine as a vibe for now, as I do take it with me on trips etc, without having to lug a tank around, or hook it up etc.

    The rattling is more prevalent when its cold, or for the first few shots. Once the system is well primed and warm, things dont tend to be as bad. And sure, its noisiest when its initially building pressure either on start up or at the first part of the shots.

    Like I said, if I could accomodate the rotary right now, I probably would, but having the vibe is more a convenience at the moment, and neater as far as setting up in my kitchen.

    Hope that helps a bit anyway!


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    Re: Noise of Vibration Pumps


    In a vibration type pump there is a chunk of metal vibrating to and fro and this chunk of metal will cause the vibration to be transferred to the case of the machine.... *and to your cups etc. Depending on the design of the machine (how the pump is mounted) this can be considerably reduced..... but rarely eliminated totally.

    In a rotary pump all components are balanced and the pump rotates smoothly - generally making very little noise and no vibration - as there is no mass of metal moving back and forward but everything is in a smooth circular motion.

    So depending on the manufacture a vibration pump can be pretty good..... but it is impossible to make it "vibration free" as it is something which MUST vibrate to work!

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    Re: Noise of Vibration Pumps

    and for me personally, the two BIG plusses for rotary are:
    1. reduced noise
    2. never really thinking about water in (apart from water softeners, etc)

    Ive read that the minoreII may be one of the louder vibe machines, but I cant say that this is based on controlled experimentation.

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    Re: Noise of Vibration Pumps

    I have no problems with dancing glasses with my Bezzera

    Yes its vibe pump is noisier when doing cooling and cleaning flushes but if I was to compare the noise to an aerated sink tap turned on full that would be the noise level but a with little more bass

    But when pulling a shot the Bezzera is much quieter by almost 50%
    And no dancing glasses

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    Re: Noise of Vibration Pumps

    I believe its possible to dull down the vibration noise considerably by adding some foam padding around the housing surrounding the pump (but not the pump itself) - Im sure some coffee snobs mustve made this modification. I find the noise of the vibration pump on my Bezzera Domus very annoying at times, especially as I tend to switch it on quite early in the am as Im getting up for work. Cant wait till I own my own place so I can plumb my machine in (actually I can wait coz it aint gunna happen any time soon!)


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