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Thread: Manual Machine upto $3000??

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    Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am an avid cafe set drinker and have decided to invest in my own machine and would like some suggestions. Budget is $3000, love lates and short blacks. Would like something that wont take too long to heat up. Something that looks great on the bench and producesa a coffe as good as any cafe. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Good luck surf. *3000 grand will get you a cracker of a machine, I already brought my machine (Isomac Alba) before I came accross this site, but have been a pretty full on CS for 12 or so years so new what I wanted, and sought of glad I brought the Machine before I got on this site, because the knowledge and feed back from all here is outstanding and if I had of asked that question I would have been to scared to jump one way or the other, haveing said that, I am really happy with the Isomac I purchased, and one of the best features on it is the Cool Touch steam and hot water wands, I would not buy another machine without this feature. *(the very end of both still get hot)

    Good luck

    Also I brought the Isomac Alba because I had been admiring it for ages before I could afford to outlay for it, I was going to get the Mondiale, but on the day I brought it I couldnt get past the Alba as I had spent such a long time looking at it every week when I brought my coffee beans, I had to have it. It had been begging me to buy for so long, how could I say no!! BTW pulls a pretty good brew too.

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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Mate, Id go for one of the mazzers as your grinder, depending on space in your kitchen, but maybe the Mazzer minni electronic, and a HX (heat exchanger) machine like the VBM Domobar super.

    For the best info youre likly to get, contact the site sponsors, Ive just bought my machine and a grinder from Chris (TalkCoffee) and I couldnt be more happy with the service and support before and after the sale!

    There is a list of site sponsors to the left of the screen, take a look at them and see what they say!

    Good luck, should be a fun experience


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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs, Surf.

    Plenty of great machinery to choose from in your price range. Just better clarify whether you have a good quality grinder or if that will have to be factored into your price range. A quality grinder (eg Mazzer, Macap, Compak $500-1,000) is essential.

    And when you say "manual" machine, are you referring to a fully manual lever type machine (not too many around) or semi-auto (non-volumetric) type machine (which can be operated with a lever or switch)? Most machines in this latter category are heat exchanger (HX) machines such as Giotto, Diadema, Isomac, VBM, Expobar, etc, which would all make a great coffee, given good fresh beans freshly ground and correct input on your part.

    As far as heating up goes, all machines of this type need to warm up to full operating temperature (generally 30 - 45 mins). Whilst water in the boiler can be up to temp in only a few minutes, it is essential to have the whole system (including group head etc) up to stable temp to get best results. There are plenty of threads re this topic on this site (on the importance of temp stability, ways of hurrying that along, etc) and many users utilise a timer to turn their machine on in the morning.

    Check out site sponsors (including Talk Coffee and Di Bartoli) for the range of machines they have available.

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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Hi Surf,
    Welcome to CS. I recently purchased a Giotto Premium Plus and am absolutely stoked at the performance is gives. It is easy to use and looks fantastic on the benchtop, if you dont like visable bling, then this thing is probably not for you. Also got a Mazzer ginder which is probably more important than the machine is when it comes to producing consistantly excellent coffee.
    If all you are trying to do is make coffee at home that is superior to "most" cafes, then fresh beans, a good grinder and probably any machine will do.
    Be warned, if you really enjoy the experience of drinking coffee at cafes, then you probably dont want to go down this path as you will soon discover that 90%+ of all cafes serve absolute garbage coffee.

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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Welcome surf

    I love my Bezzera Domus Galatea
    It not only makes great coffee it looks good to

    I don’t know where you live surf but go to your nearest sponsor distributor and try it out you won’t be disappointed

    It is a piece of art


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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Hi Surf and welcome to CS *8-)

    The important thing is to ensure that you purchase the right machine for your requirements. Add a great grinder, good technique and fresh beans and you will probably find that you rarely frequent your local- unless you are one of the minority who actually have a great cafe close by.

    The posts above recommend just a few great machines...

    Wed be delighted to assist face to face in Melbourne or Sydney. If not, why not call or Skype for a telecon? We ship all over Australia.

    Ideally, come in and have a demo to see what all the fuss is about ;)

    Enjoy your journey....



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    Re: Manual Machine upto $3000??

    Hi Surf, and welcome. To add to all the good advice above, you can buy an Arlec 24-hour timer for about $10 from Coles that will switch your machine on at your preferred regular times of the day.

    You can see my home setup in the tag-line below - got it from Di Bartoli in Sydney (site sponsor) where I was able to physically benchtest any machines I had my eye on, in the same financial bracket as you. They were very helpful.

    I now make unreal tasting coffee (in part thanks to the brilliant roaster <------ who supplies fresh beans in the "Buy Brown" section of this site, and to all the other CoffeeSnobs who provide great advice).

    I rarely attempt to buy a coffee at a cafe now unless Ive spied a pack of freshly roasted beans sitting somewhere near them.

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