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Thread: leaking valve - new VBM domobar super

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    leaking valve - new VBM domobar super

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    Hello everybody,

    Im new and a noob regarding espresso machines.
    Last week I installed my brand new VBM domobar , and pulled some nice shots since then.

    Today, when I powered on my machine, it started to leak. More specific at this valve.

    Is this the ovp? Is it something i can fix myself?
    It leaks when i open my watertap or when it starts to make some pressure.
    Thanks in advance for the answers. (and exquse me inglish :-[ )

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    Re: leaking valve - new VBM domobar super

    hey bieman,
    welcome to CS! Sounds like you dont actually have anything wrong. Thats the anti-vac valve. Heres a thread that was started a few days ago that may help explain:

    When you say leak, is it like steam spluttering? Im guessing thats the case. And does it only last a couple of secs?

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    Re: leaking valve - new VBM domobar super

    Hi YeeZa,

    thx for the respons. It starts pouring when i open the water tap (It is connected to the water distribution) or a few seconds after i start the boiler.

    It seems like the boiler is full of water. This could be the reason:
    I had some bad experience with water leaks in my house. I dont like to leave new things under pressure ungarded in my house. So i let the steam out when i left for work, while it was turned off.

    Maybe i could "reset" it by emptying the boiler. Is there a way to empty the boiler without turning it on?

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    Re: leaking valve - new VBM domobar super

    sounds like you are saying your boiler doesnt stop filling? *It is not a problem with the anti-vac. *So nothing to fix there. *but you do have some otgher problem as this is not normal (to fill while switched off). *I dont know much about how this type of machine is plumbed, so cant help, sorry.

    Good luck!

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    Re: leaking valve - new VBM domobar super


    This machines are simple.

    Position 1 on the switch fill up the boiler and when it reach the high level stops automatically.

    Position 2 turn on the element to heat the water.

    If your machine is overfilling, can be faulty fill solenoid or your level regulator probe is calcified and does not recognize the water. If any of this is happening you should call a technician to check this.

    Any other questions fell free to pm me or call me I will be at the shop tomorrow.



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