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Thread: STOLEN: 1961 Faema, Melbourne.

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    STOLEN: 1961 Faema, Melbourne.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Taken from The Age today, and posted here to spread the word. I don't know who it belonged to or what machine exactly, but it's always heartbreaking to read these stories.

    Police are pressing ahead with their investigation into a stolen rare coffee machine, seeking the public's assistance to find it.
    The machine, a customised 1961 Faema, was taken from a Glen Huntly catering business sometime between Christmas Day and January 5. The business was closed during that time.
    Police say someone who might have seen the machine, valued at $11,500, can assistant them with their investigation.
    Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

    Read more: Police seek help to find stolen rare coffee machine
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    Hi Rick

    There has been a string of break ins to coffee related business the last 3 to 4 months, mainly targeting commercial machines. I wont mention the names of business robbed here but you would certainly know them. Appears that there is a particular group targeting the industry.

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    there was a Faema E61 Legend in evil bay during Christmas .
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    I heard through a third party that a coffee shop near me had a couple of restored vintage Faema lever machines stolen recently. They were unique as he had added some features when he restored them.
    I was wondering how the thieves would go about selling them due to them being identifiable by their unique appearance. Maybe an organised ring going who are shipping them elsewhere?

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    Maybe a few clubhouses got an upgrade.....

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    Sadly, having "bin there done that" (as in robbed), I wouldn't expect too much action from the police. They take the details and file them.

    If you are the subject of such a crime, you do your own detective work. Lots of it. You call others who you find have suffered the same fate, they give you something that leads you elsewhere, and so it goes on. And then you hand all your info over to the police, who then will not keep you informed of what they do with the info you collected for them.

    When / IF you eventually find something really concrete and actually know where one of your machines has ended up, if its out of area or worse still INTERSTATE, you are virtually sunk because the (separate) police forces will not talk to each other in a quick and easy cooperative manner etc. There's lots of red tape and miracles have to be performed to get anything happening due to the jurisdictional difficulties.....and we all thought they were all the AFP.

    Having been there I have only sympathy for those that have been robbed because I know the robbery is only the first of several gut wrenching's that are going to happen, where the good guys get walked over and the bad guys often get away with it.

    This is no more than a statement of fact as it happened to me, and if what happened to me is anything to go by, the equipment ends up sold into the private community at very convenient cost and doesn't surface for quite some time until the "owner" eventually starts calling service businesses for service and spare parts. Service businesses that have a list of known stolen equipment may call the police if they suspect something or actually have the machine in their workshop, or they may not. I always ask for serial numbers when people call for parts.

    And of course people should always keep checking weevil bay and other sites, but don't get your hopes up because only the dummest receivers of stolen goods advertise there and usually not until the equipment has been gone a long time.

    Not a terribly positive response, but it nevertheless is the truth of the matter. The best form of defense is to have the best security systems you can afford so there is no robbery in the first place, and you shouldn't be surprised how many people or businesses don't have good security or back up security systems.

    Just on a side issue wrt value. Try and sell a genuine E61 for $11,500.00 and see how many takers you get. What someone says something is "worth", and what it will really sell for are not always the same thing. That of course does not detract from the evil of robbery.

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    At once I feel very sorry and angry that this rank criminality is occurring, and apparently not rarely. Surely the thieves feel some shame about this? I also wonder how a coffee machine can cost anything like that amount of money. Perhaps I could better understand this if I were to read about the results of a blind taste test of coffee made from various machines ranging in price $100-upwards to determine the optimum price point. It would also be interesting to note how that price point is judged by different types of people.

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    > I also wonder how a coffee machine can cost anything like that amount of money

    Don't go looking at any Mirage or Slayers then ;-) And yes, you will notice a difference in the cup to a $100 machine, absolutely.
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    The valuation may be a tad high.

    Nevertheless, good stiff has been stolen from a number of Melbourne businesses in what appears to be an organised and systematic enterprise.

    Surely this stuff must turn up one day- unless it's being pulled apart for parts or shipped overseas.

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    or stolen to order for people Chris

    A lot of quality items like this are stolen because someone has seen them and said i want that in my place........

    A lot of other stuff will turn up in "clubhouses", workshops etc etc without ever having to go on gumtree, ebay and the like.

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    are people here suggesting that there could be a link between coffee and organise crime!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ambient View Post
    are people here suggesting that there could be a link between coffee and organise crime!!!

    I will not confirm nor deny
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    Quote Originally Posted by ax72 View Post
    I also wonder how a coffee machine can cost anything like that amount of money. .
    Price is not necessarily related to performance.
    some of these machines are valued because of their historic significance and/or "artistic " appearance.
    Consider it similar to a classic car.. a 1960 Ferrari California is not worth $6+ m because of its performance !
    I am sure i am not alone in owning coffee machines for their looks rather than their functionality. ?

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