Hi All,

I have a bunch of Filter baskets that I bought for testing but have barely used them, so decided to sell them all.. they are in perfect condition and almost brand new, for local pick up in Melbourne. I am located in Wantirna South but work in the city in case someone wants me to bring them there.

I bought them to try single shots, vs triple shots but I have in the end settled with double baskets. I don't personally drink black espresso just milk based and these baskets (except the triple) are more for those drinking espressos and ristrettos.

I am happy to sell them individually or all of them together:

1. Decent 10g ridged basket. Price: AUD $25.
2. IMS The single ridgeless 12,5g basket. Price AUD:$20
3. Espresso Parts ridgeless 21g basket. Price AUD:$15

Bundle: $50.

Uploading some photos:

Decent 10g - 3.jpgDecent 10g - 2.jpgEP- HP21g -1.jpgIMS The single 1.jpgIMS The single 2.jpg