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Thread: FS [MEL]: Flair Espresso Maker, Single Head, $200, As New

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    FS [MEL]: Flair Espresso Maker, Single Head, $200, As New

    Flair Espresso Maker (NOT Signature)

    Comes with everything in the Single Head Bundle including Stainless Steel Tamper.
    It does have the new large hole portafilter holder which can accommodate the naked portafilter.
    This comes with the standard portafilter (not the more recent easy-to-clean).

    Purchased from site sponsor and received 2 weeks ago (26 Oct).
    It cost me $228.95. Original Receipt Provided.
    Minimal use. "As New" Condition."
    Pick up Blackburn.

    Reason for sale:
    I wanted to try it. I am an espresso drinker and thought it may replace my single boiler machine.
    I liked the idea of a manual coffee maker, no pumps, minimal warm-up time.
    I also thought the espresso may be better.
    It is certainly good but I can't say definitively better, and simply not as convenient as my espresso machine.
    Also, I didn't realise I was such a creature of habit, and miss the 50ml shots from 19-20g beans I regularly have.
    The maximum shot I can produce with the Flair is 40ml from 15-16g.

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    Great camping travelling machine

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