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Thread: FS [CBR]: Non-functioning 2 Group head diadema - only good for parts/scrap

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    FS [CBR]: Non-functioning 2 Group head diadema - only good for parts/scrap

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    $100 (negotiable) for the whole unit - pickup from Canberra only (if you want the whole thing)

    Putting this here in case anyone's interested in buying it for parts or scrap. The machine itself is 15 or so years old, it's missing the motor, pump, and the hot water outlet (sold to another CoffeeSnob already). The other part that's no good is the "water level site gauge" - it has a small leak but as the technician told us because its under pressure if it got worse it could blast someone with hot water. We were quoted $1200 to replace the pump and the parts necessary for the gauge so not worth the cost to fix it.

    Ideally I'd like someone in Canberra to buy the complete thing and come pick it up but I understand people may only be interested in smaller bits and pieces which could be posted at buyers cost so I'm open to offers in that regard (only if noone offers to buy the whole thing) - if you do want just a part and you make an offer please take into consideration my time and effort to remove the parts and post it.

    One notable part from my point of view is one of the control panels on the front - both work fine but one was replaced last year for a brand new one (cost us $170) so if anyone has a machine with the same control panels it might be worth getting it just for that.

    For anyone interested there's a thread discussing this machine:

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