Hi guys,

I bought this grinder 6 weeks ago from another local member (original fs thread here: https://coffeesnobs.com.au/sold/5231...r-grinder.html)

It has been fantastic - I can't believe how much it upped my espresso game.

The only issue is the Mrs hates the mess associated with it being a doser grinder. As such i had intended to put it through the doserless conversion and was just about to start buying parts when an Electronic Mini became available. I bit the bullet to save the tinkering (and in fairness love the addition of electronic timed single dose control) and so now the original mini is surplus.

I'm happy to list it for what i paid - $275, local pickup/delivery only (Seaford Rise but can get to CBD and in between) at this stage and i won't be available until the weekend...

Maz1.jpg Maz2.jpg