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Thread: WTB: Pullman Bigstep tamper up to $150

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    WTB: Pullman Bigstep tamper up to $150

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    This one is a long shot as I don't imagine many people would buy a Bigstep then part with such a nice item. But I would like to invest in a good tamper.

    I have been using a Espro calibrated click tamp which is calibrated and a decent width for VST/Pesado baskets but I find it too heavy tamp weight.

    So chasing a Pullman Bigstep I can see the best price online about $200 from a Sponsor but as I am a tightass looking to find one used under $150 that someone doesn't need. Colour wise I would prefer Blue, Black or Wood but let me know if you have anything. Would also consider the palm push tamp version of Bigstep.

    Have a few items to trade as well so if someone would like to trade quite happy to do so (mix of the following and/or cash adjustment);
    1. Brewista Smart Scale V2 swap value $60
    2. OCD distribution tool V1 swap value $75
    3. LaMarzocco group handle swap value $75
    4. Espro Calibrated 58.3 mm tamper $75

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    I’m not selling you mine (sorry like it too much) but just a thought, I love the feel of timber handles but on a big step it had a very bottom heavy feel that felt unnatural to me so changed to the aluminium matt white) and glad I did. I may try a dense heavy hardwood handle (think I had oak) but need to weigh it verse the metal version as don’t want the strange imbalance feel.
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